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Sin Realm Origins

By : SinRealm
Twenty seven years, that is how long I have walked in this world. And it feels like things are still the same as they were and yet so different. After years of featuring and blogging about other people, perhaps now is the time I feature my story. A story of how an innocent boy turned into a man bathed in sin.

I came from a family who is connected to the most influential people here in this country (proof to be posted after I edit this). The only boy, raised and groomed for greatness, also a spoiled little boy who cannot stand being away from his parents. How did someone like that turn into the man that I am now? Perhaps it all began with school. 

I used to study in one of those "prestige" schools for boys. I ace my exams and my picture was always in the honor students board. The funny thing is, I never really studied, to me, all those was a game. But eventually I grew bored with the exams, my focus went into things such as playing and wrestling (in other people's perspective, rough housing). I was more focused on more fun things in life instead of school related stuff. I joined a group of kids who would do all sort of activities and at the same time another group who wrestled each other (I became champion). I was happy. Although my fun had a price to pay, my grades went down got scolded more and eventually failed. 

I had to leave my school and transfer to another. We shall call it College of Failures, where I spent my 6th grade. Things there started rough on me, first time in years that I studied with girls and the people there were not as playful as the other guys I used to hang with. The one I hanged with, a gay fashion designer's son. We were outcasts, but it did not really bother me. Eventually another boy joined our group. One who grew close to me and my family, he goes to my house and we used to play a lot. I even lend him my most precious toys. Let us call him Ramon. Eventually I gained interest in some girls. A classmate and another from another class. But with that interest in girls comes an inferiority complex. A great inferiority complex which led me to hate things. But I shall speak about that later on and focus more on how innocent I was.

As months passed, I noticed some kid doing the DX style crotch chops. It reminded me of the days where I used to wrestle. So I rushed at that guy and choke slammed him. Which led me to have many friends. Things were fun again and we started playing around again. 
To be continued... 

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